A-Frame Printing

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Print Concierge: A Frame Printing

What Are A-Frames?

A-Frames make a great side walk signage and they can be designed to convey a particular product offering or service. Also known as sandwich boards, A-Frames are mobile and versatile as they are very easy to carry. They are an effective tool to attract foot and road traffic. The best feature about A-Frames is the structure itself is very durable. The only aspect that requires replacing is the printing component, which is when you choose to convey a new message.

Types of A-Frames

  • Corflute A-Frames
  • Fabric A-Frames
  • Snap A-Frames
  • Steel A-Frames
  • A-Frames with optional wheels at the bottom for easier movement

What Are A-Frames Suitable For?

There are many applications when using A-Frames. Some common places where A-Frames are used include:

  • Shop Fronts
  • Cafe’s & Restaurants
  • Shopping Centres
  • Building Sites
  • Car Park Entrances
  • Elections
  • Schools
  • Concert Halls
  • Exhibition Centres

Please ensure you check your local council regulation in regards to using A-frames in public areas.