Plastic Card Printing

Benefits of Plastic Card Printing

If quality and durability is what you’re after, printed plastic cards is your best choice! At Print Concierge, we produce commercial grade plastic cards also known as CR80 cards.  The best feature in printing plastic cards is that they have a variety of different applications to choose from. For examples, plastic cards can be printed and used in the form of membership cards, gift cards, bar tab cards as well as ID cards. Stand out from your competition and give your plastic cards the credibility they deserve. Choose Print Concierge to print your plastic cards and you will not regret it, as all our products are 100% quality guaranteed!

Plastic Card Specifications

The dimensions of the standard plastic card is 85.5mm (w) x 54mm (h), which is similar in size to an average day to day credit card. All plastic cards when printed are round cornered on all corners as standard. They are also available in a few different thickness options. The standard thickness is a 0.76mm PVC, which is again similar to a standard credit card. They are also available in a thicker 1mm PVC, as well as thinner grades in a 0.5mm and even a 0.3mm.

Types of Lamination

All plastic cards are produced with 3 different types of lamination (gloss, matt or frost).

Gloss – The standard lamination is a gloss laminate. The gloss laminate is ideal for clubs as the material is suitable for overprinting, especially when it comes to overprinting member details on the card. Ideal for cards with a lot of vibrant colours.

Matt – The other common laminate is a matt. This type of laminate is slightly more durable than a gloss laminate and adds a dull/dry look to the card, which would be ideal for pubs when they want to use them as a tab card.

Frost – Is a premium type of laminate which is usually applied to cards that are printed on clear/transparent plastic. It adds a textured finish similar to a chilled glass look when it has just been taken out of a fridge or freezer.

Special Finishing Options

Data Encoding

Data encoding is a feature that is usually requested by clubs and taverns which require a set of numbers or data to be assigned/encoded into the magnetic strip of the card. Some examples of cards that involve data encoding which are commonly requested include gift cards, membership cards and bar tab cards. Simply advise us the type of magnetic strip you are after (either hico vs loco) and which track you want the data to be encoded on. Click on the above icon for an example.


Barcoding is also another special feature that can be added to the card. This is useful if the customer does not have a magnetic strip reader/swiper. Print Concierge can produce any barcode type. Simply advise us know which barcode you want to generate and supply the data file. Click on the above icon for an example.

Spot UV

Spot UV is a special type of finish that is generally used to highlight a specific area or artwork on the plastic card. It is a gloss highlight and is usually used when a customer wants to emphasised either a logo or piece of graphic on the card. The UV element adds a ‘clear coat’ look to the card and is usually even more evident when the UV is reflected off natural lighting. Tip: Spot UV is generally recommended on cards with a solid dark background. Click on the above icon for an example.


Embossing is simply another term for raised lettering, which is punched out from the reversed side and creates a raised effect on the text. Embossed lettering/numbering is ideal for customers who want to replicate a card design to look like a credit card or gift card. Click on the above icon for an example.

Metallic Foiling

Metallic Foiling is similar to a spot UV. The only difference is that spot UV uses a clear gloss highlight whereas the foiling uses a gold or silver highlight to add a sense of sophistication and luxury. Foiling focuses on a selected area and is usually emphasised on a particular word or number. These are especially effective when printed on gift cards and is a great way to add a premium touch the card, particularly when it is for promotional use. Click on the above icon for an example.


Personalisation is simply an overprint in the form of words, numbers and even QR codes onto the plastic cards. Personalisation is most commonly requested by clubs during membership drives and renewals. Simply send us your database and we will take care of the rest. Click on the above icon for an example.

It is important to note that customers can use as many of the above special finishes they wish. They are not limited to just one. The main question you need to ask yourself is “What am I using the cards for?”. If you are not sure or you require samples for any of the above plastic card/card options, give us a call on on 8664 4787 and one our friendly staff will post you a plastic card sample pack.