Booklets and Reports


Need some training manuals printed for an upcoming training session? Or are annual reports what you require? Whichever type of book and binding method you choose, Print Concierge has the solution for you.

The first question we like to ask our customers is ‘How does the document need to be bound?’ Deciding which method of binding is crucial because it affects the way the document is presented. If you’re not sure, think about what are you using the documents for? By understand your usage, we can can then recommend a binding method based on your requirements.

Binding Examples

  • If it’s a training manual, we would recommend a spiral or wiro bound book.
  • If it’s a magazine layout book you’re after then we would recommend a book that is saddle stitched or,
  • If it’s an annual report then we would recommend it to be PUR bound / Perfect Binding for a professional look.

Binding Options

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is a type of binding that is also known as a booklet bind. This binding holds the document together by having 2 staples on the spine of the book. In order for document to be bound as a saddle stitch book, the total page count must be divisible by 4. As a general rule, a saddle stitch book is only recommended for a document that does not exceed a page count of more than 120 printed pages. The thickness and choice of paper used will also affect the maximum page count.

Wiro Binding

Wiro binding is a type of binding that has a ring coil on one side of the document that holds the documents together. All wiro bound books has a standard clear acetated cover on the front and a black leather grain backing board.

PUR Binding

PUR binding, also known as polyurethane binding, is a type of perfect binding that is glued on the spine to look like a textbook. It is the most premium type of binding method and gives the book a clean and professional look. With this type of binding, the front and back covers are usually laminated one sided (on the outside) with a thin film known as a celloglaze. This type of binding is more evident in company annual reports and most modern university type textbooks.


Padding is probably the most affordable type of binding and it simply involves adding glue to the head of a set of documents. This type of binding is usually only effective for documents with a common image (such as a notepad, referral pads, forms etc).

If you’re still unsure or undecided which binding method is most suitable for you, give us a call on 8664 4787 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to guide you through to making the right decision.